Choosing and Fluffing a Wreath

 How do you measure a wreath?

Fluffed wreaths are measured from tip to tip of the floral stems (not the wreath base).
Wreath sizes on door

What is the best size wreath for me?

  • Is your style more classic? Then a 22”- 26” wreath is right up your alley.
  • Is a bolder look more your style? Then go with a 30”.

 Wreath Size Guide



How do I "fluff" my wreath?

  • First, lay your wreath on a table, counter, or other workspace. You can hold it in one hand, but you’ll probably find it easier to have both hands free to work your magic.
  • Begin to work on one section of the wreath by gently separating and shaping the leaves, twigs, flowers, and any other wreath elements. We design our wreaths to be gently manipulated and fluffed to your desired fullness.
  • Don’t be afraid to pull greens or twigs to either side of the wreath ring to add fullness where it’s needed. If your wreath has flowers, gently pull, or bend them toward the front of the wreath and position them so they show to their best advantage while maintaining a natural look.
  • Continue to work your way around all sections of the wreath, blending the parts together so that the whole wreath is more-or-less evenly filled. This whole process normally takes less than five minutes, and it’s time well spent. You want your wreath to look it’s best for the season!

Still a little confused on how this is done? See the brief video below where we show you exactly how we get our wreaths photo ready!

How to "Fluff" your Wreath by Nicole LaRoche


Floral Living: Hand Crafted Wreath

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